Think back to a particular day on which you made heavy use of the command line. Were you able to recall the commands and arguments from your memory? Or did you have to brush up by looking at the documentation repeatedly? If you’re like me, then it’s probably the latter.

Weaknesses of command-line programs

Fact is, we humans are not good at memorizing sequences of characters without visual cues. That is why tools with a graphical user interface (GUI) are so much easier to get started with. A well-designed graphical tool will direct the user’s attention to the most important or relevant information. …

A software engineer, data scientist, web developer (or anyone really who doesn’t work with their hands) is only as good as the tools at his or her disposal. And for someone who needs to write and fix computer code, the debugger is one of the most important tools. It, therefore, surprises me to meet programmers, albeit usually novices, that yet have to discover the power of a debugger.

Usually, when someone has just started learning to program, they would like to see the value of variables in different places of their program. The most straightforward way to do this, and…

Martin tH

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